Fleurs De Mon jardin

Rene Lernon | 12F | (19 11/16 x 24 1/16 inches) | oil on linen | #23589
 Fleurs De Mon jardin

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Rene Lernon

About The Artwork

French Art Network is honored to offer a select number of paintings fromthe Lernon family's collection of work by master Impressionist,Rene Lernon.delighted to be able to offer a few, select pieces from an artist who inspiredwe are excited to share his genius with you again at the same price points as when we offered his work just a few years ago >Until his passing on November 24, 2007, Rene Lernon, the highly acclaimed Normandy impressionist, continued to paint in Rouen. Only a stroke, suffered a decade earlier, slowed his once prolific output. To the select few who acquire his pieces each year, Rene's talent and magic a growing pleasure. Lernon was the last in a painting lineage that included Bouden, Junkind, and Monet: generations of French painters who nurtured the marvelous scenes of Normandy. Rene has paid back his artistic debts: younger Normandy artists such as Bouju and Dubord have taken his interpretation and continued from there. As the last Normandy master of the 20th century, Lernon's career saw many highs, and he won numerous awards throughout the world during his lifetime.

Fleurs De Mon jardin

12F | (19 11/16 x 24 1/16 inches) | oil on linen | #23589

price: $28,000

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