Rene Lernon

French Art Network is honored to offer a select number of paintings fromthe Lernon family's collection of work by master Impressionist,Rene Lernon.delighted to be able to offer a few, select pieces from an artist who inspiredwe are excited to share his genius with you again at the same price points as when we offered his work just a few years ago >Until his passing on November 24, 2007, Rene Lernon, the highly acclaimed Normandy impressionist, continued to paint in Rouen. Only a stroke, suffered a decade earlier, slowed his once prolific output. To the select few who acquire his pieces each year, Rene's talent and magic a growing pleasure. Lernon was the last in a painting lineage that included Bouden, Junkind, and Monet: generations of French painters who nurtured the marvelous scenes of Normandy. Rene has paid back his artistic debts: younger Normandy artists such as Bouju and Dubord have taken his interpretation and continued from there. As the last Normandy master of the 20th century, Lernon's career saw many highs, and he won numerous awards throughout the world during his lifetime.

Current Complete Collection by This Artist

Chemin en neige en Normandie
Rene Lernon | 25F | (25 5/8 x 31 15/16 inches) | oil on linen | #23595
Fleurs et Fruits
Rene Lernon | 20F |(23 5/8 x 28 3/4 inches | oil on linen | #23593
Fleurs De Mon jardin
Rene Lernon | 12F | (19 11/16 x 24 1/16 inches) | oil on linen | #23589
Rene Lernon | 20F | (23 5/8 x 28 3/4 inches) | oil on linen | #23591
Rene Lernon | 10F | (18 1/8 x 21 11/16 inches) | oil on linen | #23588
Rene Lernon | 15F | (21 1/4 x 25 5/8 inches) | oil on linen | #23590
Le Mer Pres d'Honfleur
Rene Lernon | 20F | (28 3/4 x 23 5/8 inches) | oil on linen | #23592

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Craig Hallenstein

Great Art, Great People to Deal With. I've been doing business with this gallery for fifteen years and have purchased 4 major works of art from them. I love the artists they represent, the quality of work they sell, and the stable employee base that represents the artists. I once had a problem with a frame that showed cracking after two years. They had the art picked up and delivered by professional packagers/transporters after replacing the frame with an even better one. Their level of salesmanship and follow-up customer care is outstanding. I never come to town without stopping in to enjoy some of the best contemporary art available in the French Quarter.

Heretic Tom

They feature several amazing artists whose work are exclusive to this network of galleries in the USA, including Denis Lebecq and Marc Clauzade. I recommend speaking with Bilal McGlothan or the owner, Scott Novick. Both are extremely knowledgeable and friendly. They also have the most beautiful custom frames you will find anywhere.

Evan Waniewski

Beautiful and simple art gallery showcasing the work of immensely talented people.

Roland Pinault

What an awesome little gallery, with unique, amazing art and attentive service if you want to learn more about any of their artists. We purchased art by a french artist named Lebecq that is nothing short of spectacular.

Chris Momack

Best of The Big Easy two years in row for a really good reason!

Bonnie Harrison McQueeny

My Happy Place when I am in the Quarter.

Martin Shaw

We never miss it when we visit NOLA. So colorful with the Lebecq work.

Warren Gaston Jr.

Sometimes we just drive in from Baton Rouge to see the Lebecq red painting  – one day maybe one day.

Christopher Shaw

I found this place after a Saint’s game when my friends ditched me, and the Gallery Director was so awesome I bought a DeVon painting and I love it still to this day. Bilal is amazing.

Peggy Landry

Beautiful collection of some really great artist. 

Joan Gregory

The colors of LePape are amazing.

Brian Desion

I love my Cabot.

Bob Blakley

This is the best in the Gallery Biz.

Reed Sandervette

I love their artist shows, it’s the best party with great people.

B Palmer

Rob in California is one of the best art dealers we have encountered. He took great time and care to make us happy.

Diane Garavich

I love everything about this place.

Barbra Mire

Dore and Ryan are fantastic.