Sous La Pluie

Nicole Sebille | 40F | (39 3/8 x 31 15/16 inches) | mixed media on canvas | #23947
 Sous La Pluie

Artwork By

Nicole Sebille

About The Artwork

Sebille's background as an interior designer provides her with the graphic tools her painting demands. One can find in the design profession qualities of clarity, warmth, color, space and light; all essential to painting. Moreover, Nicole admits that she can only paint in moments of bliss, which she then attempts to translate through still-lives, landscapes and floral compositions. Spontaneity, stark synthesis and creative power sum up Nicole's art. Her technique is mainly oil applied with a knife. A palette of intense colors and a theme of abundant flowers are her distinct trademark. Nicole says she paints because it allows her to believe in a better future, and it soothes the stress of everyday life. Her technique has allowed an exploration of new possibilities and the opportunity to look for new styles and compositions. Nicole Sebille is constantly renewing herself, to the pleasure of her collectors. Every aspect of her work brings out an energy and joy of life that can be shared with her viewers.

Sous La Pluie

40F | (39 3/8 x 31 15/16 inches) | mixed media on canvas | #23947

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