Les Ponts Levants Saint Petersbourg

Katerina Nevolina | 30F | (28 3/4 x 36 1/4 inches) | oil on linen | #22812
 Les Ponts Levants Saint Petersbourg

Artwork By

Katerina Nevolina

About The Artwork

Katerina Nevolina was born in Moscow. Her first introduction to art came in the form of a fascination with illustrated books, and then majestic and captivating collections of major museums worldwide. The smallest and most unnoticeable aspects of nature became a focus in the eyes of a girl who saw the world as a beautiful place full wonderful creations to behold. Through the pages of literature, Nevolina relished in the antics and the golden curly hair of medieval Madonnas as they blossomed from the pages. The light of the Impressionists’ brush strokes and reflections sparked her love for texture, while the bright palette of Georgian masters metamorphized into a symphony of color. Then, in youth, the bewitching rotation of potter's wheel, the cool smoothness of clay in her hands, the warmth and depth of burned glazes in the potter's workshop, made an introduction into the life of this budding artist. Katerina developed the desire to express herself with line, color, what was seen, heard, & read in the words of beloved poems, prose, and literature. As she read, her mind created the scenes, as we all do, but Nevolina went one step further by figuring out how to create the scenes, the mediums to use, the tools to make the creation leap from the page and hold a solid place in our world.

Les Ponts Levants Saint Petersbourg

30F | (28 3/4 x 36 1/4 inches) | oil on linen | #22812

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