voyageur viridescent

Denis Lebecq | 60F | (51 1/4 x 38 3/16 inches) | oil on linen | #24532
 voyageur viridescent

Artwork By

Denis Lebecq

About The Artwork

From the days of Paul Gauguin to the present, France's treasured artist colony of Pont-Aven has always had a protector. A leading artist to draw on for his art, his vision and his creativity. Today this Artist is Denis Lebecq. Nestled by Brittany's massive coastline Pont-Aven has long been the home of the traditional French Marine scene. The last 125 years have seen the dominate impressionistic style finally come to an end as the painters and the collectors have all gone. Denis is the first artist to keep the essence of what is cherished and create a whole new school of art. A new style of painting with primary colors, mixed medium. Heavy texture applied by the palette knife and a deeply burning yet understated passion.

voyageur viridescent

60F | (51 1/4 x 38 3/16 inches) | oil on linen | #24532

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