Fureur de Vivre

Annick Bouvattier |

120 x 120 cm | (47 1/4 x 47 1/4 inches) | oil on linen | #23974

 Fureur de Vivre

Artwork By

Annick Bouvattier

About The Artwork

Annick Bouvattier was born in Nevers, France in the mid-sixties. Her father, a pediatrician and art lover, passed on to her from her early childhood his passion for painting. In 1982, after passing her school-leaving certificate with a science major, she broke away from the family tradition of studying medicine to enroll at the Berçot - Marie Rucki school of fashion where, for two years, she trained as a stylist. Her works were then presented in Paris and the Villa Medici in Rome and were praised by professionals and published in specialist magazines. However, she was more attracted by stage fashion than haute-couture and chose film and advertising. A stylist and costume-maker, she often works with Cinecitta in Rome. From her Italian experience, she has retained the deep, warm and sensual colors - sun-filled ochres, velvety reds, intense blues and deep greens. At the beginning of 1990, she decided to turn to painting exclusively. After two years of self-training, in 1992 she became the pupil of Pierre Ramel, who taught her the technique of using a knife to paint with oil, which she uses in smoothed out forms to achieve the effect of transparency. Annick Bouvattier is the painter of silences, of small, insignificant gestures performed every day, trivial moments, fleeting glances, unsaid words, speechless stories - but many collectors have already heard those silences.

Fureur de Vivre

120 x 120 cm | (47 1/4 x 47 1/4 inches) | oil on linen | #23974

price: $32,750

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