Dancing Aspen

Talor Stone | 40x20 inches | acrylic-faced, metallic-pigmented photo on archival paper | #22850
 Dancing Aspen

Artwork By

Talor Stone

About The Artwork

Talor Stone is a PhD researcher and professional photographer based in Pensacola, Florida.  After serving as a federal agent for the United States military, Talor broke from the traditional career path to pursue photography. Wilderness survival skills and intense immersion in the field are crucial elements of her work and her adventures include four months backpacking across the American Southwest and hiking solo and unsupported from the western coast of Greenland to the ice cap. These intense personal experiences have informed the questions she asks both in research and her art. Talor’s work is about more than photography.  Her images focus on the beauty of climate-threatened environments and highlight themes of transition and fragility to emotionally connect viewers to places few will ever visit.  Her hope is to raise awareness that climate-threatened environments are more than data points, charts and statistics – they’re living places which deserve to be protected in their own right.  These images convey important messages about our world’s changing climate and represent a visual reminder of what we stand to lose. In her role as an educator, Talor considers it a priority to enhance awareness and appreciation of the natural world through speaking engagements and hands-on education.  Her photography workshops focus on introducing others to these magical and remote places and creating a deeper understanding of the environment while also learning new technical skills.

Dancing Aspen

40x20 inches | acrylic-faced, metallic-pigmented photo on archival paper | #22850

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