Les Folies de France

Marc Clauzade | 60F | (51 1/4 x 38 3/16 inches) | acrylic over antique paper on linen | #24317
 Les Folies de France

Artwork By

Marc Clauzade

About The Artwork

Marc Clauzade, Paris born artist and France’s most prominent living artistic asset. Raised in a family of art and fashion, both grandmothers were fashion designers for Frances top fashion houses in the 1930’s, Marc is the first artist to reinterpret Lautrec and Degas in over 100 years. Marc has been a professional painter since his early 20’s and never sold a painting on his own. From his first finished painting , he has been represented professionally. This rare talent is present but a few times in each generation. Marc ‘s paintings are in the most exclusive collections globally including an NBA team . He is managed exclusively by French Art Network in North America.

Les Folies de France

60F | (51 1/4 x 38 3/16 inches) | acrylic over antique paper on linen | #24317

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